Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Are you leveraging video meetings and webinars for your MLM business?

Owing to paucity of time, meeting each of your prospects is not easy. Having online tools and softwares will not only help save time but also facilitate in getting better leads, prospects and results.
Multi Level Marketing businesses are all about telling a good story, making a great case for your product, MLM Business Plan, the Binary Income Plan, etc. It is usually about meeting the prospect personally.
The maximum that can be done over the phone is setting up a meeting. In crowded metros, convincing people to meet is difficult, especially when travelling in a big city takes a lot of time. Another challenge is that many sponsors who have a job and are working part-time as distributors feel that they do not have enough time to meet people after the day ends. This is a major barrier that distributors and sponsors of various MLM businesses face despite having a great binary income plan in India.
Technology has fortunately been able to solve a lot of problems that we have faced in the past and continues to do so even now. An easy solution to the above problem is to use webinar software or a video meeting software. One can easily log in from a remote location from anywhere in the world.
There is a difference between webinars and video meetings. In a webinar, it is the presenter’s screen which is shared with the people who have logged in to see the presentation. The presentation that has to be shown can actually be prerecorded. Webinar participants are allowed to type in questions in the text box provided by the software. This saves your efforts and frees you up for answering all the questions that your prospects may have. Webinars are excellent for people who may have a lot of questions and you can easily explain your binary income plan and the binary income calculator and other information.

With your screen displayed and you talking over the microphone, the propsects will be completely doubt free at the end of the session. All benefits and advantages of the business will be explained by you over the webinar easily and this will help you sell your products and the MLM business plan easily. Another advantage of a webinar is that one can add over 200 participants in a single session. So, the reach goes up manifold.
A video meeting is slightly different from a webinar. A video meeting too allows a person to add many participants to his meeting, but the major difference here is that the screen displays the audio visual feed of the presenter. The screen can show the presenter’s screen, but the presentation quality is not as good as a webinar as this software is not suited for screen share as the picture is not always very clear.
A video meeting software may accommodate many participants, but it is mostly suitable for small groups of 10-15 people where the presenter will be talking for most of the time and taking small questions. In case of many participants, people can use the text box to ask the presenter questions. A video meeting is best when people have to connect with few people and have a call for not more than 30- 40 minutes.
These online tools and softwares also allow you to save your presentations and calls that you can later share with your prospects. They can then see these whenever they are comfortable with it without the sponsor having to spend time on explaining it all over again. The distributor can then spend time only on following up and winning the prospect over. The distributor can reuse the same presentation for other prospects. One major advantage that very few people harp on is your ability to have more than a 100 people in one meeting. 
Video meetings and a webinars are very important tools as they save a lot of time for the prospects and distributors. Nowadays, people can log in to use these softwares from their mobile phones, thus, allowing people to make good use of the time that they may otherwise spend in a traffic jam.
Network marketing businesses use complex binary MLM softwares to handle all the tasks involved in running a business seamlessly. DNB MLM Software Solutions is one such trusted MLM software solotion company that has provided customized software solutions to MLM companies worldwide for over 7 years.
There are many free softwares and online tools that are present in the market to support businessmen and ensure that they become more productive. However, your productivity will finally be determined by how you plan and strategize for your business and use these tools.

Monday, 10 April 2017

10 mistakes that can spell doom for your MLM business

Looking for success in your MLM venture? 

Read on to know about the 10 most common mistakes that prevent MLM marketers from making it really big in their business.

If you are not making enough money from your network marketing business, you are probably making some mistakes. Mistakes in the profession can not only hamper your enthusiasm for success, but also ring the death knell for your enterprise. Here are some mistakes to avoid.
Listening to the wrong people
binary calculator
Often it happens that people who have no knowledge about MLM offer their advice on how to run it or achieve success. Do not let this happen to you. As with everything else, only follow the advice of people who are pros in the business.

Promoting more than one business

Today,there are several different network marketing companies available. It is easy for a marketer who is just starting out to get easily distracted by the different companies. Many make the mistake of promoting two separate companies – this will reduce your credibility. It is always a good idea to find a company you prefer and keep your focus there.

Choosing the wrong business

A novice often makes a mistake in selecting the right company. With so many companies available, it might not be easy to find the best business to work with. So how do you know which is the best business? Experts say that it is good to promote a business that sells consumable products. The products should be of excellent quality and offer several benefits to the users. Above all, you must believe that these are the best products in the market. It is your conviction in your business that will drive your success. So make sure to choose something you are passionate about.While on the lookout for a company, it is best to avoid start-ups. Go for companies that are at least more than 3 years old.

Selecting the wrong partners

After you have decided on a great company, you need to build up your business. Working with the wrong people will dampen your enthusiasm and will not help youachieve much. On the other hand, when you surround yourself with positive, smart working people, you enhance your chances of success manifold. Keep in mind, finding the right people is key to MLM success.

Tapping the samemarket

To take your business a few notches higher, it is important that you get out of your comfort zone. Approach different markets and employ different ways to reach out to your prospects.

Forgetting to follow-up

It has been observed that maximum prospects do not make a purchase until after the 7h contact with a business. Most marketers however, give up following up after 3 times. This can be a very expensive mistake. Most experts recommend following up with prospects regularly. Their sites are equipped with auto responder systems that follow up with prospects for a long time. If you are patient and persistent with your prospects, they will eventually buy from you.

Not having a plan in place

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a network marketer can make and which prevents them from any kind of financial success. If you are looking to make money from your business, it is imperative that you follow a proven strategy to achieve the results that you want. When there is a plan, it increases your chances of success manifold.

Poor research

If you are starting a business, it is crucial that you do in-depth and extensive research. Without this, you don’t stand much chance of success. Just singing up with a company without proper research will not work. However, this does not mean that you will spend months just researching. Just schedule some time for market study and get started.

Lack of commitment and focus

Just as with any other work, MLM needs commitment. Unfortunately, a huge number of people do not stay focused on their business. They get carried away by the myriad distractions of life and get little done in their business.When you are trying to build your venture, the most important thing to remember is to be persistent in your efforts. If you are willing to work well, MLM can offer rich rewards.

Not investing in a good MLM software

MLM management software makes it easier for you to manage your business. As a marketer, you will need to keep an account of where your business is headed and keep a track of the memberships, sales volume, inventory status and financial figures, and a binary MLM plan formula can help you in this.
vision for right mlm
If you need further guidance, DNB MLM software solutions is the best MLM software company in India. It is equipped with highly experienced team members who have a thorough understanding of all types of marketing compensation plan. With more than 10 years of experience in serving both big and small MLM companies across the globe, they are the best people to help you in binary network marketing.
These are some of the most common mistakes that many people make in network marketing. So, if you are looking to be successful in your business, you must avoid them at all costs.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Do's & Don'ts to be a successful MLM Marketer

Every network marketer must be aware of some dos and don’ts before they start out. Read on to know more.
Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing , is an extremely popular way to market the products and services of a business. There are several reputed brands that employ this business model to reach out to their customers. However, there are some dos and don’ts in network marketing that every network marketer must know to be successful in his/her business.


Select a company wisely

There are several important factors that you must take into consideration while choosing a business, such as stability of the company, the quality of services and products that the enterprise offers, the payment plan, the integrity of the company, the future of the company, and finally, the support system that it provides to the marketers.

Check the support from the upline

It is extremely important that the higher-ups in the company offer their support to you. They should help you put a plan in place and ensure that you are successful in your endeavors. They should be approachable and be ready to help you whenever you need them.

Train your downline

Many people are focused only on bringing new people into the team. They do not spend the time to train them. It is imperative that you spend at least 30 days helping a new person adjust in the industry. You must train them, support them and be with them till they are confident that they will be able to manage on their own. MLM is not just about adding to the team, but also about building long-term associations.

Use the internet

People these days use the internet as their chief marketing aid. You can have auto responders in your site that will follow up with people who have shown interest. Following up is crucial and automation offers a proper and consistent method of following up. However, it is best to avoid spamming as it gives a bad name to you and the company you represent.

Do your research

MLM is a business and you need to do thorough research before you decide to get involved in it. It is also a good idea to have an accountant working with you to learn about your write-offs and the taxes. You can also talk to a lawyer to understand the laws that impact your business. Get in touch with a reputed MLM software development company in India to help you in your business. Use binary system MLM to make your business more efficient and effective.


Never lie to your prospects

Don’t mislead your prospects at any time. Be honest with them. Don’t make them feel like you are offering them a job. It is advisable that you do the right thing even if that might mean that you lose some of your prospects. Avoid hyping your business. While it may influence some people to join you, they will leave as soon as the hype wanes away.

Don’t promote multiple companies at the same time

Promoting two different companies is not a good idea. It will only end up confusing your team and prospects. It is best to find a company you like and stick to it for best results. Also, creating one network marketing business itself is a huge task; attempting to build two might not be so easy.

Don’t jump companies frequently

When you switch companies every few months, you lose credibility. Try to stick to one company for at least five to ten years. This is the best way to achieve success in network marketing. When you keep changing companies, it might be very difficult to rebuild the momentum and start all over again each time.

Don’t isolate yourself

Keep in mind, network marketing is team work. If you keep yourself away, you will feel lonely. Working as a team will keep you excited, positive and help you reach your goals faster.

Don’t stop

A big mistake that network marketers make is working a few days and then doing nothing for several weeks. Don’t let life get in the way of your business. Being consistent and persistent is the key to success. Plan your schedule and follow it religiously to reap rich rewards.Many marketers do not treat their business like a real one. They treat it more like a hobby and therefore do not accomplish much. If you want to be successful, you need to work every day for things to move forward.
If you are looking to take your MLM business to the next level, DNB MLM software solutions can help you reach your goals faster and better. It offers the best binary MLM software in India that will equip you to manage your business better. The company has been around for more than 10 years and has been helping thousands of marketers achieve success in their business.
With the aforesaid tips and the right tools to simplify your MLM journey, success will not evade you for long.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

10 Things to Consider When Choosing an Integrated MLM Software Solution

An MLM software solution is crucial for business success. The right solution will meet your requirements while helping you cut down costs. Read on to know about the things to keep in mind while choosing an integrated MLM software solution for your business.
mlm software
The IT sector is expanding at a rapid pace. Integrated MLM softwareis a crucial aspect in the industry. The software offers companies cutting edge solutions to take care of their business needs and is an essential element to help them achieve success. The perks of using the best network marketing software solution is undeniable. There are myriad ways the software solution can help you. However, it may not be easy to choose the right MLM software that suits your enterprise because of the wide selection of software solutions that are available in the market today. Here are some things to help you find the best integrated MLM software solution for your business.

The best solution will be cloud-based

Cloud-based systems offer several advantages. You can depend on the software system, get good scalability, decrease your IT costs and have the option to connect the system to your business at any time and from anywhere. Search for a solution that enables you to focus on your business while a professional partner takes care of your cloud technology.

Your software should operate in real time

Well-integrated MLM software solutions should operate in real time. A solution that necessitates manual syncing is not in tune with the present requirements.

Excellent integration requires the most latest technology stack

Technology is evolving every day. To obtain maximum flexibility, the software solution should be based on a cloud-ready API layer that offers strong connectivity.

Choose the best-in-breed direct selling solution

Fast and accurate commissions are essential for the success of your business. Therefore,commission calculation as well as reporting should be the mainstay in the solution that you are considering. Configurable tools is another key feature that you would want in the solution for e-commerce, CRM and tree management.

Consider international expansion

If the solution you are considering can handle the entire globe with one software instance, it can help remove several complexities. This will help you save money and prevent any issues as you transact across national boundaries.

It should be affordable & have the capacity for rapid growth
The right MLM software solutions must suit your budget. It should also be fully equipped to support your future requirements no matter how big you grow and how fast.

The best MLM software should offer great user experience

The solution you choose must be easy to use. The several components of the network marketing software must interact seamlessly to feel like a single system to the end users.

It should take care of your business requirements

Before buying an integrated solution, take into account the specific requirements of your business. Make sure that your software can handle the aspects of your business that you want it to manage.

The software should support the communication practices of the business

Business these days take recourse to social media to establish contacts and make sales. The software solution you choose should support the evolving face of distributor interactions.

It should be of a reputed brand

Choose a provider that is known for its excellent customer support and its readiness to customize solutions as per the requirements of different businesses. The software you select should be able to aid you in every stage of your growth. It’s best to choose reputed MLM software solution providers such as DNB MLM Software Solutions for best results. With a proven track record of over 10 years, the company is the partner of choice for many MLM businesses across the globe.
network marketing software

Also, keep in mind that along with the software solution, you also require a support team to explain to you the various intricacies of the solution and manage it as well. While choosing a software, you must check if the technical support provided by the software company is satisfactory or not. This is important so that you know that in case you face any issues in the future, it will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.DNB MLM Software Solutions has an expert team on board to help you at every step. 

Remember, choosing the right MLM software solution provider is not an easy task and requires careful consideration. It is always best to opt for providers that are counted on by other businesses that have similar requirements as yours. Make sure to do proper research about the different software solutions available before narrowing down on one that best meets your requirements. It is also helpful to decide the budget you are willing to spend on the solution. Don’t forget to read the reviews so that you can make an informed choice. Also, remember to do comparison shopping; compare the features as well as capabilities of every software to find the right one for your business.
MLM software solution is an important investment for your business. So, make sure to invest wisely.

Monday, 3 April 2017

How to balance your job and your MLM sponsorship effectively

Taking a leap of faith and making a transition to being an MLM marketer takes guts and people sometimes begin by dividing heir time between their job and their MLM business. Managing both is a tough task.
Running an MLM business/ sponsorship/ distributorship is tough. There is a time lag between joining the organization and actually making some money from its MLM income plan as per the MLM income calculator. Reaching a point where you can easily sustain yourself and your family with just this income can be sometimes difficult, if you do not have the requisite sales and marketing skills.
However, some sponsors still want to be associated with the organization in order to make full use of this opportunity. For the time when they are not fully conversant with the MLM business plan and the income calculator, they prefer to be part time sponsors by working full time at their respective jobs. This allows them to draw a decent salary and a still gain knowledge in the industry.
A major challenge faced by such sponsors is how to provide adequate time to both. Time is a scarce resource, yet one needs to invest plenty of time in order to reap any substantial gains personally, professionally and financially from any business – MLM or otherwise. MLMs require a lot of networking in order to generate leads, prospects and members. This in itself needs a lot of travelling throughout the city. Hence, the biggest question people face is how to adequately divide time between their job and their sponsorship make the most of the limited time at hand.
The first thing that a person has to look for is whether he is compatible with the business structure of a particular network marketing company. This is necessary as one may or may not have the skills required for being successful here. It does not make sense to join a network where you may have to spend a lot of time learning or honing your skills. In case you feel that you can handle the skill requirements of the distributorship, it is preferred to have a company that has regular training sessions to train you and refresh your skills. This will ensure that you are continuously in sync with the latest needs and requirements of the industry. 

Also, now you have various tools that can help you save time, effort and money, yet get good returns on the efforts you invest in your network marketing business. So, consider if you are comfortable and curious about using rapidly evolving technology. Technology is a great leveller. It allows you to you learn a lot of things and save time. For instance, you can take online training sessions at a convenient time, without disrupting your full time job.
Similarly, webinars, video calls, video meetings also help you save time and become more effective in with your network marketing efforts. You are able to solve any query of your prospects then and there or over the email. You can also use webinars and video meetings to explain extremely complex things like a binary MLM income plan or a binary plan income calculator with relative ease to a larger target audience, thus simplifying your work.
Moreover, managing your reputation online is another key aspect of being a sponsor. Having a well thought of social media presence and a blog to reach out to a wider audience is important for any network marketer. A social media presence makes you visible and lets you spread your ideas, your work and information about your MLM Business Plan  to all people who like you are looking to make a change. You can easily interact with your target market and let them know about the different things that you are doing at your MLM organization. 

The same is true with a blog and a video blog. They can help you build a loyal following of interested readers and prospects. Above all, they don’t take much time or effort. By making yourself available to these people, you are ensuring that these prospects look up to you and will mostly sign up with you whenvever they are ready. This inbound marketing sets you up for a long run in the MLM Industry. Moreover, with reliable MLM software solutions like DNB MLM Software Solutions now available in the market, you job becomes even easier!
It’s  all about finding smart ways to accomplish your work as an MLM marketer, and once you have gained more confidence, you can let go of your full time job to pursue your MLM business and achieve complete personal and financial independence.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Important skills needed to succeed as a Network Marketer

Network marketing may seem to be a great way for people to make money, but what many don’t realize is that one needs to hone specific skills to be a winner.
Network marketing is considered to be one of the best businesses for people who want to retire quick and retire rich. By building a huge binary MLM network one can easily live off the royalties that keep building up from the sales and the sponsorships that your downlines sign up thus letting you take full advantage of the MLM income plan and the binary income calculator.

 However, being successful in any industry requires a specific set of skills and the network marketing industry is no different. It is your mastery over these and your ability to use each of them in any and every situation that helps you stand out and be a winner in the domain of your choice.
Here are some key skills that are sought after by leading distributors for networking marketing:



Great people skills

This is a no brainer. Any work that a person does involves working with people, more so with an MLM organization that depends on signing on more sposnors by convincing them with the Binary MLM income plans and MLM income calculators. So, the sooner you learn this and master your people skills, the better it is for you.

Great sales skills

Selling is the art of convincing people about how good your product or service is or how great you as an upline will be for the sponsor. It is all about thinking on your feet and ensuring that you convince the person in front you about your company’s and your abilities. Remember, selling is an art and while it comes naturally to some, other might need to undergo training to inculcate these skills. Either way, you need to be able to handle people first in order to be a good salesman.
Being proactive and not reactive is the key. Selling requires you to anticipate the doubts and the requirements that any customer may have. Hence, it is important to think like a salesman and not just behave like one.

Long term vision and planning

It is important for people to have the vision to plan for the team. As a leader of your network, you need to be able to identify the weak links who need help and the ones who can manage on their own. By planning for any contingencies which could result in you missing out on your targets, you are ensuring that you stay on track and that your team gets the incentives and benefits as per the MLM Income Plan. Being able to plan for a longer 1 year plan or a 2 year plan is what will set you apart as a businessman with expert knowledge. Also, just having a plan is not sufficient. Executing it well is equally important.

Comfortable with using technology

In today’s day and age, everything right from a small electronic device to a car is controlled with a software. It is very important to be able to use technology for your business purposes. It not only saves your time, but also gives you a competitive edge in moving ahead of your othe competing MLM businesses. Technology today is an important tool for getting your message out and getting noticed in the hyper competitive and crowded market. Having a firm grip on technology helps you save time and be more effective.


For instance, MLM softwares such as those from DNB MLM Software Solutions are instrumental in simplifying the job of an MLM marketer. The company has successfully provided customized software solutions to many network marketing businesses worldwide and its softwares are useful for effective inventory and sales management and MIS generation,

Great story teller/ marketer

Marketing is an extension of selling. However, it is a little more complex. Marketing is all about making an impact on the consumer’s mind on the emotional level in order to connect with him and make sure that you are the first company that he thinks about when he thinks of the MLM industry. It is the tool used for mass propagation of one’s ideas and beliefs.


Although the list of skills that has been listed here seems to be a common one, the varying levels of expertise is what separates the winners from the losers in the industry.

Friday, 24 March 2017

How the art of storytelling can help you connect with more prospects

Having an MLM business with the best business plan is not enough today. With mulitple companies vying for the same mind space, being able to frame one’s ideas effectively has become very important.
What is the best way to frame your business’ message to ensure that it stays in the minds of your consumers and they keep thinking about it? It is content! The way you put it across to your target market determines whether your consumer remembers you or forgets you.
There are many people who often struggle with this. Despite having a great product, a service or an excellent MLM business plan with a great binary income calculator, they are not able to put their ideas across in a way that makes sure that they are remembered.
Just put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a moment. Which are the best books, movies, advertisements or anything else that you are able to remember today? It is the ones which narrate a great story. We may grow up, but our mind which has been taught to learn with stories as a child, is able to retain more information with a story even when we grow up. Stories on their own are able to grab our attention as they make us curios about what happens next. A story is also able to shut down the logical part of your brain. Any marketing manager knows that once a consumer’s logical brain shuts down, you can entice him with any emotional appeal that your message has.
It is this combination of your young learning process that grabs your attention, hooks you on with its curiosity and shuts down your logical brain to make emotional decisions rather than practical ones, that you as a marketer can leverage to become successful.
So how does one incorporate a story while doing his network marketing job? The answer is not straightforward. As a network marketer you have a little more than 10 minutes to make an impact. This is your window of opportunity and if you do not make an impact, you may find it difficult to win that prospect with your binary MLM plan. 

 The best way is to have a short story about an average individual ready with you. The story should tug the hearts of the listeners. You should be able to explain it in 5 minutes and then explain how the prospect can benefit from it. This lets the prospect know that he is the person who is actually being talked about in the story and will let you get more of his attention. A little research on the background of the prospect is important so that you can customize the story. Who doesn’t love it when people have taken the pains to know them? They will be more likely to sign up as a sponsor with you.
Having a blog or a video blog will be immensely helpful as you can provide more details in the story as this will connect more with the reader and he will be more likely to share his details. A blog lets you give pictographic descriptions, thus shutting down every logical part of the reader’s brain. You will be completely in control of his thought narrative. 

When you are writing the path and guiding the consumer with your inputs, you can easily ask him to sign on the dotted line. This is also one of the reasons why email marketing is highly effective as it is able to build a great narrative in a few short lines, thus, getting more leads and conversions.
Now that we have seen the different ways to build a story, let us see what exactly to do to capture a reader’s attention. What does qualify as great content? What is the theme of a great story?
The most common themes that resonate very well are those that are deeply emotional. Stories that have a strong theme of fear, survival, greed, anger, debauchery, guilt and sorrow are the ones that are successful in catching the reader’s attention. These themes are the ones around which the life of any human being will revolve. While crafting a story, it is important to keep the end a little incomplete, as the curiosity keeps the readers coming back for more.
You can then tell them how MLM softwares like those from DNB MLM Software Solutions  have been instrumental in the success of the central characters of your story. With features for downline management, inventory management, details of incentives and payouts, etc. their customized softwares are made for every MLM business model and can be easily customized for your organization.
Story telling is a difficult technique that has been used successfully by many businesses. However, it’s an art that you could work on mastering to reap long term gains.