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MLM Software for Donation Plan / Help Plan / Gift Plan / Money Order

The donation plan also known as help plan or gift plan or money order or bucket plan in MLM industry. Donation plans are running various International MLM companies and their MLM networkers, MLM leaders and no doubt the company which managing all the transactions, earning the huge profit in a very short period of time.

Basically, this gift or help plan is a concept of give single and got multiple i.e. if you provide a single gift to a member, you got multiple gifts from others. Donation plans are illegal in India and Indian Government declared that its money laundering. However, some countries Government allow such donation or gift plans.

This plan is actually not a Multi Level Marketing Plan. Its Basic concept is to send gift to one Member and Receive gift from multiple Members. So member will be benefited with multiple receipt of gift from many members. Members will deposit money or gift directly to another Member as per the name highlighted by the system. Company / Admin will take some charge to run this operation for administrative expensive. Company can distribute some amount from the activation / registration charges. This Plan can be of multiple levels.

DNB MLM Software expert team is capable to design and develop MLM Software for such gift plans for the MLM Companies who provides their legal consent in their respected country.

Gift Plan MLM Software will have below features:
  1. Online registration to Provide Help and Receive Help
  2. Different payment methods like Bank Deposit, PayPal, Perfect Money or Bitcoin etc
  3. Payment proof upload option
  4. Member to view and approve payments to get more help
  5. Auto or manual help allocation settings
  6. Help transaction history
  7. Receipt generation facility
  8. Extend more time for particular help
  9. Internal messaging system to solve conflicts

Our Gift Plan MLM Software has time tested and there are many large gift plan concepts that are developed by our company.

Note: Gift Plans are illegal in INDIA

DNB MLM Software can give you the winning edge in Gift Plan Business

We bring you the most versatile and proficient software that the Helping MLM networking world has seen. Having been used by industry leaders, this software has proven itself many times over and can satiate all your networking needs. To assist you in the tedious niche of gift plan marketing, we bring to your aid our expertise combined with the many enriching years of experience that we have had in this highly competitive market.

 Our highly dedicated professionals are masters at crafting software solutions that meet all your needs.

We also provide below services for MLM Companies:

  1. Payment gateway integration to collect payment online though debit/credit cards and Net Banking.
  2. SMS integration to sent instant alert SMS to registered user mobile.
  3. Email integration for sending news letters, welcome letters and invoices for purchases.
  4. Shopping cart integration for making online purchase easy and simple.
  5. Banners ads and Bulk SMS to generate more traffic for your MLM website.
  6. Video presentation for easy understanding and quick marketing.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Follow-up an essential means to achieve success in MLM

Understanding a binary MLM income calculator
Know how binary MLM income calculator plan works and why they are so popular in the networking marketing business.
Binary MLM plans are considered to be the most attractive MLM plans of all. The reason is your network can be grown efficiently with all the help you can get from your uplines, downlines and sidelines.
To explain to briefly, a Binary MLM plan, as the name suggests, allows you to have only 2 direct downlines in your network. Yes… just two. Any distributor in this MLM business plan can have only 2 direct downlines. If you wish to grow your network, you have to keep adding downlines to your downlines.
Binary MLM plans were introduced sometime around the late 1980s and have become one of the four most popular company structures in the 2000s.
The two distributors who have been signed up are called the power leg and the inside leg. New distributors who sign up are usually placed under the next available empty spot under the power leg. The profit leg has distributors who are usually prospected and recruited by the immediate upline. What a binary plan does is that it puts a firm structure in place that ensures that all distributors have a similar fixed income plan as per the depth of their network, i.e., you can earn good money only if your downlines are active and growing your network. Your income stops or becomes stagnant if your downlines are not active.
In a binary plan one can get three types of commissions:
Sponsor bonus: A distributor gets a sponsor bonus when he signs on a distributor directly under him. This can be a lump sum amount or a percentage of the plan signed onto by the prospect.
Pairing bonus: MLM businesses pay pairing bonuses to distributors for the downlines placed under their direct downlines. This bonus is sometimes calculated as a points system for every person signed on or can be a lump sum per person or as a percentage of what a new joinee signs on as.
Matching bonus: It is the amount earned as a percentage for every person signed on by your downlines. This actually starts almost 5-6 levels below you and is actually a motivation for you to grow your network deeper.
Compensation Plans
Not all MLM companies have the same compensation plans for their binary MLM plan, but some usual compensation plans have been explained below.
Each distributor under you is called a leg and the one performing the worst is called a payleg and the one performing the best is known as the profit leg. As per a balanced volume concept used in binary MLM plans, members of both the trees will be paid a certain part or percentage of the pay leg’s incremental growth. This plan does not look at how much each individual has achieved. This results in a process called flushing, i.e., the sales difference between the profit leg and the pay leg is actually lost by this particular network.
This is a major disadvantage which results in distributors leaving an MLM business or not putting in a enough effort as it does not completely recognize an individual’s efforts.
Most distributors introduce many more sponsors in the pay leg in order to cover up for the backlog. This process is called balancing the legs. This is basically handholding one of your downlines in order to ensure that both your legs are on an equal footing.
Many MLM businesses frown upon this practice and try to avoid this by framing rules that prevent distributors from balancing their legs.
Another disadvantage of the binary plan is that as your network grows, the amount of money earned also reduces. Yes, you read it right. The money reduces. This is because, your network may grow, but the actual sales of your products may not increase by a lot as sales will still be carried out by a only few people.
While this results in your network members growing exponentially, but not your sales. So, your commission and incentives, which are distributed across your team, will not grow exponentially, and what you as an individual get will be much lower than before. This results in a lot of heartburn and resignations and has been cited as the biggest reason for many successful MLM businesses to shut down.
An important factor which influences the running of your MLM business is the MLM software you choose. Having a binary MLM plan compliant software ensures that you get all the MIS reports in a format of your choice without depending on your company auditors and finance team.
One such software you can trust is DNB MLM Software. Apart from providing the usual software solutions like inventory management, OTP facilities for payments, SMS blasters for instant network communication, excel MIS reports etc. what sets them apart is their ability to customize softwares and solutions as per the requirement of your business. DNB also supports the various binary MLM needs like computing the sponsor, pairing and matching bonuses, keeping a track of the network, the profit leg and the pay leg etc.
A binary MLM plan is currently the most sought after MLM plan as it allows distributors to grow their network easily. However, what is most suitable for one person may not be suitable for another and you should choose your business plan carefully based on your unique needs. Any software you choose thereafter should take into account these needs, so you can derive maximum synergies for your business.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

What it takes to become a leader in the MLM industry

In today’s faced paced times, being average is no good for businesses. It is, therefore, important that you strive to be the best in your field if you are in the game for the long haul.
Becoming successful and being the number one in an industry are two different things. Reaching the top comes first and staying at the top is another ball game altogether. Simply having a great product is not enough to bag the numero uno spot.

Here are some essential factors that can help you make your way to the top:

Clarity of purpose and proper roadmap

A clear vision and plan are of foremost importance to become successful in business. Without this you are just wandering on your path to nowhere. A common vision is important to bind together the entire team and provide them a common purpose to work towards.

The vision should then be broken down into short term goals and clearly communicated to each team member, so they know what is expected of them. These short term goals also serve as the yardstick against which each person’s performance will be measured. This eliminates the scope of any ambiguity and ensures optimum productivity.

Ensuring your team is as passionate as you to realize the company’s vision

Simply having a clear vision for your MLM business will yield no result. It is important that each team member believes in the vision with full conviction. Only then can they give it their best shot and collectively deliver the results  you’ve been looking for.
For this it important to hire people who are aligned with your company’s long term vision so that there’s no conflict at a later stage, which will impact not just the employee’s performance, but your company’s too. Moreover, it is important to keep reinforcing the company’s vision, so they don’t lose focus and single mindedly work towards achieving it.

The underlying reason here is, “Culture can eat strategy for breakfast”. This is a very famous management concept. When someone is tuned into your culture, vision and ideas, you do not have to train them. They will thmselves find a way to reach their goal without a lot of inputs because they are driven to achieve it internally.
Strategy is when you have to inform and actively train your colleagues and sponsors about what you are doing – making those changes are difficult for any individual. This has been observed in many organizations. Hence, having a team that is tuned into your vision is an added advantage since it is easier to become an industry leader if you have a team of equally passionate people working alongside.

Understanding the market well

An important task that is often overlooked by businesses is to understand the competition and target market clearly. Unless you have a thorough understanding of the customer’s pain points and the other solutions on offer to address those pain points, you will not know how to position your product/ business and differentiate yourself in the highly cluttered market. 

 And unless you are able to differentiate yourself, you’ll be lost in the crowd and may not get the desired results from your business.

Proper training and development

You have to agree that sales is not everyone’s cup of tea. Apart for thorough knowledge about your MLM product/business, one needs a lot of other personality traits such as a pleasant personality, effective communication skills, negotiation skills etc. to complement them in their endeavor to meet those ambitious sales targets with ease.   
By imparting proper sales training and allocating mentors on a periodic basis you can ensure that their skills improve over a period of time. This will ensure that your sponsors are equipped with the requisite knowledge and the skills for the job, which will facilitate them in meeting their sales targets.

This also keeps your team motivated and aware of what is happening in the industry. Also, trainings are excellent meetings to give tips about other important aspects such as MLM income calculator, MLM business plan etc. By training your network marketing team, you are effectively keeping your sword sharp for competition.


The only way to sustain in the cut throat market today is by aiming to be a market leader and not just another player in the market who no one knows or cares about. Once you take the leadership position, you’ll see tables turn. Instead of chasing prospective customers, you will automatically have more leads coming your way, thus making it easier to fuel further growth of your MLM business.

How is crowdfunding different than MLM?

Crowdfunding is a novel business strategy that collaborates with MLM software to append the impact of Multi Level Marketing. Crowdfunding is a mechanism to fund an ongoing venture or initiating a new project by raising monetary contributions from a ‘crowd’ of interested individuals through various offline and online methods using social media platforms and the internet. While some companies still follow the direct marketing model, many renowned companies are using crowdfunding method to establish themselves. The key objective of collaborating crowdfunding with DNB MLM software is to catch the attention of a large fraction of individuals towards the MLM business without investing a lot of money.
Crowdfunding primarily focuses on pre-launching MLM business that is looking to extend its awareness through crowdfunding groups. The upcoming MLM companies are pre-launching with a crowdfunding platform for effective involvement of the public. This is made possible by collaborating crowdfunding with Multi Level Marketing. The collaboration allows all the contributors, no matter how big or small they are, to have a crowdfunding web page of their own.

How crowdfunding works?

The process includes three stages:
Venture Plan
In this stage, a basic strategy for the venture is formulated. An elementary plan, the objective and projected cost of the venture are determined during this stage. The majority of the crowdfunding ventures are founded on contributions as it holds better chance to effectively drive additional funds.
Venture launching
In this stage, the designed venture is introduced to the public requesting them to contribute funds. This stage marks the endorsement of the venture on online and offline platforms.
This is an important stage for a fund raising company. Here the essential funds are raised from a group of people or individuals.

Difference between MLM and Crowdfunding

The latest trend combines the two most crucial business structures – MLM software and crowdfunding. Crowdfunding involves registering a new member in side or downline expansion. Unlike MLM, here a downline member (new member) is introduced or added through crowdfunding platforms. In this arrangement, a new entrant is not ‘literally’ added but he/she becomes a part of the crowdfunding venture with his/her share contributed to the venture. Usually, there is no fixed initial cost for a crowdfunding venture, but sometimes, they may ask for 3 to 5 percent of the fund as a fee. The venture managing company raises the finances from the public; therefore, introducing the venture to more number of people increases its probability of success. The success of a crowdfunding platform depends on the genre of the venture. Generally, the ventures involve some charity programs that generate social awareness. The benefit of such ventures is that they get support without any endorsement tools, and a greater number of individuals will be willing to contribute to this charity program thereby, making it bigger and better in terms of profit.
In most of the crowdfunding MLM companies, participants can pay one time or monthly subscription fee to access a ‘special’ platform with an adaptable web page in which to generate their venture. After the venture page is generated, a participant can earn money by referring other individuals to the company. In some crowdfunding MLM companies, you can earn remuneration from successful referrals even if you don’t utilize the platform or raise funds for a specific venture.
DNB combines MLM software with crowdfunding to make MLM businesses more effective and established. Owing to its simple plan and uncomplicated features, it inspires more people to join and become a part of a charity project. DNB MLM software is capable of boosting MLM businesses efficiently.
Crowdfunding requires a bunch of people who want to earn big in a short span of time. Each person donates a few funds to receive lots of money for their efforts. Crowdfunding is completely effective with MLM business plan, where top MLM leaders can begin their independent crowdfunding business with their own set of networkers who donate a small amount to get lots of funds in return from crowdfunding business.

How can crowdfunding impact ventures in a wrong way?

Undeniably, crowdfunding has transformed the way business owners organize and raise funds for ventures. A large number of people are willing to invest in ideas that haven't been turned into real products yet. Crowdfunding has emerged as a powerful mechanism for business entrepreneurs who want to launch newer consumer products. Some campaigns are quite appealing and are inspirational but raising funds through this mechanism has received so much attention that sometimes, people tend to overlook its harmful effects. In situations when some ventures are able to raise huge funds and fate or career of a large number of people relies on the month-long campaign, not every venture can end up the way people expect. There are many ways in which crowdfunding can negatively impact the venture development landscape. Here are some scenarios worth a mention, where crowdfunding can impact ventures in a wrong way:
First come, first serve
More often than not, crowdfunding obliges the groups who approach first to launch their venture rather than the groups who conduct proper research before developing a quality product. When a team develops a product within a company, it recognizes its potential of reaching a sizeable market, so they undergo a more meticulous design screening procedure. Seeing that the success of crowd funded ventures cannot be confirmed right from the launch, companies can’t do much to equip them for success. Since sponsors invest their funds upfront before the product actually turns into reality, extra design attention is given to grabbing the attention of prospective crowdfunding groups rather them contemplating about the utility of the venture.
Launching too many ventures
Lowering the entry barrier can result in too many ventures racing to be launched one before the other. This implies that there will be just too many ventures awaiting their launched that is crowds the platform, making it difficult for your venture to stand out. There may be different companies or groups working on extremely similar ventures and launching them on the same day, even without knowing about one another. This will result in a big loss for either of the companies who worked hard to turn their ventures into a reality.
Unrealistic ventures may get funds
Unlike feasible ventures that are considered as boring, unrealistic products often get funded as they seem more interesting, just like videos that go viral all over the internet attract more viewers than a practical proposition should. Looking at the list of crowd funded ventures; one may question the applicability of the product. Surprisingly, many industrialists who attempt crowdfunding have discovered that it distorts product development to focus on an affluent section of society who have disposable income to spend on ventures or products that are yet to be launched in the market. Leaving aside a few reasonable and mass market products, crowdfunding emphasizes on sophisticated and expensive ventures.
Potentially hazardous and unlawful venture may get support
When popular companies create a new venture or service, they put in a lot of effort to ensure the safety of the venture before releasing it to customers. Usually, a panel of advocates will verify if the product conforms to all the rules and intellectual property rights. Whenever it seems doubtful that a campaign will succeed, the creators are persuaded to address to all the problems that might crop up later. However, several products that approach the crowdfunding platform with huge funding goals are either unsafe or may attract legal troubles when they come in the market.
Autonomous product development
Sometimes, crowdfunding raises funds to launch non-specific products. Only a handful of entrepreneurs can establish the need of the customers and therefore, use their expertise to come up with a unique solution to a problem by designing a neat venture, distributing it in the market and keep on developing the product. However, customers may ignore these fine distinctions of venture development and go for the gaudiest gadget that happens to resolve the most pressing issue they have. One of the best ways to discover about a new venture is to have it recommended to you by other people who have used the product and loved it too. The probability of such an occurrence is quite bleak with crowdfunding as the majority of ventures are still hypothetical.
Crowdfunding indeed has its benefits, but there are implications that accompany this method that often go unnoticed. The companies should be conscious of the ways these platforms influence how a venture may be developed, targeted, and promoted.  DNB MLM new venture development designs and concepts are based on a correct analysis of consumer desires, needs, and expectations. A company launching a new venture concepts and promotion systems must suitably position the venture to create interest among its distributors. The MLM Crowdfunding strategy is gaining popularity among current business scenario across the world. An individual can begin his/her own crowdfunding company and earn millions in a very small period of time. DNB offers the best online crowdfunding MLM software to operate and manage crowdfunding business.
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Cash in on the festive fervor for your MLM business

The festive season is bound to tempt you to go easy and forget work for a while. But remember, this is in fact the best time to connect with and engage your prospects. So, go ahead and gift your product to prospects, exchange business cards at parties etc.
The festive season’s back! And that means time for holidays, fun and frolick with family and loved ones. But, does that mean you should put your network marketing business on the backburner?
The answer is NO… In fact, now is the best time to target your prospects. It’s all about integrating your business skills seamlessly with the festivities and building a stronger network the smart way.

A big challenge that many network marketers face is how to get prospects or leads to try their products? They may be extremely loyal to products they are currently using and unwilling to try anything else. The festive season is the best way to get your products in their house!! Along with a box of sweets/ chocolates you can just slip in a few products that you know they may like to use.
By using this opportunity, you are tapping into more households that may be inclined to talk to other positively inclined people about your products. Gifting your product to people is a great way to win over customers who can easily get hooked to your products and soon become sponsors or distributors.

Prospecting paradise

In a festive season where you will be attending many parties, it is a great way to connect with different people and generate a lot of leads. Parties are always a prospecting paradise. This does not mean that you explain the long MLM business plan or the income expected from the MLM income calculator. Just exchanging your business card and explaining in a line about your MLM business is enough. As you are here to enjoy a party, explaining a lot about your business can turn off prospects, hence avoid doing it.
Also, you sometimes get to meet hot leads who have heard about you, used your products, but never got a chance to meet you. This is an opportunity to fix a meeting where you can sign them on as sponsors.
A word of caution though… If you overdo this or overplay your hand, you may actually end up being a persona non-grata, .i.e., an unwelcome person. People may actually avoid you because of this. However, not doing anything is also something that must be avoided as this is a very good opportunity that must be utilized.

Have training sessions

A great thing to do this festive season is to have some small training sessions with your entire network of downlines. This lets you connect with all the new prospects who have joined recently under you or your downline. Seeing how big you and your organization have become is truly a motivating feeling not just for you, but also for your entire network marketing business.
By holding short interactive training sessions on the various MLM business plans or new network marketing sales techniques, new marketing plans, company reports etc., you are sending a clear message that the downlines are very important in your scheme of things. With training sessions you are making it clear that the company’s growth is tied to their growth, and that you are a 100% committed to making them successful.

Evaluate and enjoy

The year ending festive season is almost everybody’s favorite. Time to indulge in the festive lights, crackers, sweets, special food preparations, meeting family, friends – have a merry time after a long year where you worked very hard to achieve your dreams. So, why not do all this with your team?
Like every organization, even your MLM business must have done a year ending assessment of your performance. As you have put in the efforts to achieve your financial goals of the MLM calculator, why should the party just stop at your house? Rather, your entire network to congregate to celebrate together in an informal setup.
This is the best time to let your downlines connect with each other and enjoy the hard work that they have put in. This is an excellent way to motivate your team. Nothing succeeds like success and this is a way of telling your network that they have succeeded and it’s time to celebrate. This will help the team form a stronger association with your brand and give them a deeper sense of belonging, which will motivate them to perform even better in the long run.


Festive season are a delicate time period where you have to take it a little slow and give your prospects and distributors at your network the space that they want with their families. They should simultaneously use their skills in a subtle manner to target prospects during the festivities. The opportunity, if used well, can yield significant returns for your business.

Share DMLM0026-Having_the_right_mindset_for_your_MLM_business.pdf - 317 KB

Share DMLM0026-Having_the_right_mindset_for_your_MLM_business.pdf - 317 KB

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Common challenges in an MLM businesses

Failing to plan is like planning to fail, so be prepared to face many challenges if you don’t plan for your MLM business .
An MLM business like any other business is not immune to cyclical highs and lows, but by being prepared for these, one can anticipate and sometimes avoid or minimize their losses. Here are some points to keep in mind:

Lack of consumer trust

The biggest challenge any MLM business faces is of trust. Many MLM businesses choose to avoid the normal marketing channels. Though this may be a conscious decision to help your products stand out, it can also backfire since the consumers may doubt your credentials. This may sometimes not be in your control as the marketing costs for the same may be too exorbitant for your MLM business to actually execute it.
The solution here is to market yourself as a successful network marketer which helps consumers believe that you are credible, not a fly by night operator, are approachable, have a plan for becoming successful, have a good MLM business plan/ product and the numbers given by the MLM income calculator are achievable.
Without a strong marketing/ sales support from the MLM business, this will take sometime, but once you are able to establish yourself as a strong brand, you can carry this brand value in any MLM business plan.

Getting leads

Getting good leads thta can be prospected is a major challenge even for established MLM businesses. Getting the right leads that can become your sponsors/ distributors and can grow your business at a good pace is a challenge. The biggest challenge is to get interested individuals who can be informed about the products, MLM business plans and told about the expected income as per an MLM calculator is a Herculean task. 

Cold calling or normal marketing channels yield diminishing returns after a point of time and it is truly difficult to keep a track of all the records that you have accumulated over a period of time. Another challenge is keeping track of the follow ups that have to be done. This can sometimes lead to you losing hot prospects.
The best way to attract leads and avoid cold calling is having your own social media pages and blogs to share relevant information about the MLM business. With time, this becomes a popular place for people to seek advice and business ideas and network marketing plans. Soon you will have prospects who will contact you to know more about your MLM. These people already know about your MLM business and do not actually need a lot of convincing to sign on as a distributor.

Signing the right sponsors

Signing on more sponsors/ distributors is the only way to successfully grow the MLM network as per any MLM business plan. The challenge here is signing on sponsors who can grow the network along with you. You would not want a passive sponsor who just consumes the products he buy, .i.e., no sales and no new sponsors below them. But how does this happen?
In our rush to sign on new sponsors, we are ready to sign on anyone who is willing to believe in the numbers forecasted by the MLM Binary Income plan and is ready to sign on to help us grow our network ASAP. 

These people, however, do not fully realize that becoming rich is not as easy as it looks like. Being a master salesman is what will get them those royalty cheques that they are dreaming of. Their enthusiasm wears off after a few months and then they start blaming you for all their problems. The last thing you would want is bad publicity.
It is important to sign only those sponsors who you feel can sell the products and grow your network. If you still want to sign on sponsors who don’t have a flair for sales, please do make sure that you have good sales training programs/ sessions for them, else you risk getting bad publicity as an ineffective/ failing MLM business.

Inappropriate MIS systems and softwares

Running an MLM business involves manufacturing and distribution of products, managing their logistics, keeping a record of sales, inventories, commissions, incentives, salaries and other important details. Most financial decisions regarding the MLM business can be taken when you have these reports available with you when you need them and in a way that is easy for you to comprehend them.
Network marketing solution softwares are supposed to provide these for you, but the reality is that many of the companies who provide these are unable to handle the vast number of transactions involved in this business. This sometimes is a big letdown as you can imagine that downlines not getting their commissions can result in a lot of heart burn and if this gets repeated often, you can kiss them goodbye!! Hence having a good network marketing solution software provider is very important. 

DNB MLM Software Solutions is one such company that has built a name for itself by offering customized MLM software solutions in the MLM industry. It has excelled in providing customized software solutions to handle any and every request of an MLM business. The software is able to handle all data regarding product sales, movement, management, logistics, network highlights, commissions etc. and can compute this into a coherent MIS report that lets you take sound financial decisions. This is best for MLM businesses that keep a tight grip on their operations and finance by reviewing MIS reports periodically.


Any business will throw up unique challenges that may seem insurmountable at first, but having a well thought out plan before taking the plunge lets you be prepared for all permutations and combinations that may come up, and equips you to handle them like a pro.

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