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Lead generation for network marketing

Lead generation for network marketing: Lead generation is no rocket science! Having a clear plan and executing it with precision is all it takes. Knowing when and where to market your product is the key.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Cash in on the festive fervor for your MLM business

The festive season is bound to tempt you to go easy and forget work for a while. But remember, this is in fact the best time to connect with and engage your prospects. So, go ahead and gift your product to prospects, exchange business cards at parties etc.
The festive season’s back! And that means time for holidays, fun and frolick with family and loved ones. But, does that mean you should put your network marketing business on the backburner?
The answer is NO… In fact, now is the best time to target your prospects. It’s all about integrating your business skills seamlessly with the festivities and building a stronger network the smart way. 

A big challenge that many network marketers face is how to get prospects or leads to try their products? They may be extremely loyal to products they are currently using and unwilling to try anything else. The festive season is the best way to get your products in their house!! Along with a box of sweets/ chocolates you can just slip in a few products that you know they may like to use.
By using this opportunity, you are tapping into more households that may be inclined to talk to other positively inclined people about your products. Gifting your product to people is a great way to win over customers who can easily get hooked to your products and soon become sponsors or distributors.

Prospecting paradise

In a festive season where you will be attending many parties, it is a great way to connect with different people and generate a lot of leads. Parties are always a prospecting paradise. This does not mean that you explain the long MLM business plan or the income expected from the MLM income calculator. Just exchanging your business card and explaining in a line about your MLM business is enough. As you are here to enjoy a party, explaining a lot about your business can turn off prospects, hence avoid doing it.
Also, you sometimes get to meet hot leads who have heard about you, used your products, but never got a chance to meet you. This is an opportunity to fix a meeting where you can sign them on as sponsors.
A word of caution though… If you overdo this or overplay your hand, you may actually end up being a persona non-grata, .i.e., an unwelcome person. People may actually avoid you because of this. However, not doing anything is also something that must be avoided as this is a very good opportunity that must be utilized.

Have training sessions

A great thing to do this festive season is to have some small training sessions with your entire network of downlines. This lets you connect with all the new prospects who have joined recently under you or your downline. Seeing how big you and your organization have become is truly a motivating feeling not just for you, but also for your entire network marketing business. By holding short interactive training sessions on the various MLM business plans or new network marketing sales techniques, new marketing plans, company reports etc., you are sending a clear message that the downlines are very important in your scheme of things. With training sessions you are making it clear that the company’s growth is tied to their growth, and that you are a 100% committed to making them successful.

Evaluate and enjoy

The year ending festive season is almost everybody’s favorite. Time to indulge in the festive lights, crackers, sweets, special food preparations, meeting family, friends – have a merry time after a long year where you worked very hard to achieve your dreams. So, why not do all this with your team?
Like every organization, even your MLM business must have done a year ending assessment of your performance. As you have put in the efforts to achieve your financial goals of the MLM calculator, why should the party just stop at your house? Rather, your entire network to congregate to celebrate together in an informal setup.
This is the best time to let your down lines connect with each other and enjoy the hard work that they have put in. This is an excellent way to motivate your team. Nothing succeeds like success and this is a way of telling your network that they have succeeded and it’s time to celebrate. This will help the team form a stronger association with your brand and give them a deeper sense of belonging, which will motivate them to perform even better in the long run.


Festive season are a delicate time period where you have to take it a little slow and give your prospects and distributors at your network the space that they want with their families. They should simultaneously use their skills in a subtle manner to target prospects during the festivities. The opportunity, if used well, can yield significant returns for your business.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The best MLM Solution that can nurture your business

So you have decided to procure software for your MLM business?That’s a smart move!But the key is to choose choosing the ‘right’ MLM software that can give your business an edge. From dnb mlm software solution people had got many benefits and asking the different kind of software to build their business.

An MLM software solution should be robust and a serve as a single window to manage all facets of your business, helping you build a strong network of people working for you.

Why DNB MLM Software?

We have a rich experience of over 10 years in the field of MLM Software development with over 600 successful businesses using our products,And having the clients world wide more than 3000 .MLM business people can get the best mlm software service from dnb mlm softwares with out any conflicts .By using the binary calculator you can know profit and loss.
Our solution works with multiple MLM business concepts such as Binary, Spillover, Any Matrix, Unilevel, Board Income, Trinary, Royalty, Non-working, Revolving Matrix etc.

Free MLM Calculator to help you simulate your business modelto calculate income for all levels
24*7 support for our clients, including Saturdays and Sundays
100% customizable solution, as per your specific business scenario
Very easily scalable, so you pay as per the features and services that you buy as you expand along
Inexhaustible list of core as well as support features, such as:
Attractive website design
Multiple Dynamic website pages
Registration & Profile Management
Multiple Types of registrations
Member Upgrade Module
Down-line Management
Auto Commission Module
Rank management module
E-Wallet Module
Epin and E voucher System
E commerce & Shopping Cart Module
Payment gateway integration
PayPal integration
Perfect Money integration
Social Medial Module
Reporting module in Excel
Replicated personal website link
Invite Friends module
Newsletter Module
Download Upload Module
Testimonials flash
Instant News & announcements
SSL certificate installation
Franchise and Mobile Franchise
PAN Card upload module
ID Renewal management
TDS Management
SMS integration
Email integration
Live Chat Integration
Intro Pop-up Ad
Live Video integration
Inbox Facility
Multiple-Admin Users
Multiple payment modes accepted
Dedicated Server space
CMS (content management system)
Dynamic Member scroller
Dynamic Photo Gallery
Daily and Total Visitor Count
Inventory management
Dynamic FAQ section
Billing / Invoicing module
Product Management module
High security
Free training and support
MLM software development company in India is  one of the top developing software for mlm business people with many successful projects.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Benefits of cryptocurrency in MLM

Bitcoin is not a real coin but actually a digital currency that has transformed the business landscape. This decentralized cryptocurrency provides distributed monetary transactions without any support from a third party. It is due to the complex features of present day’s trading that we need third parties like financial institutions, governments, banks, and notaries to assist users with financial affairs.
Cryptocurrency surpasses this intermediary job of third parties and offers users with a suitable medium for the transactions between the two parties. E-currency platforms such as Payza, AlertPay, EgoPay are being used throughout the world for its many benefits that it offers. Some of the benefits of using cryptocurrency are:

1. Decentralized:

One of the key aspects of cryptocurrency is its decentralized nature and open-source system. This unique aspect gives confidence to users to choose bitcoin’s neutral field of decentralized finance over the problems of centralized monetary services. This unique feature has transformed the conventional notions of economy and lead to a paradigm shift for every financial attribute.

2. User-friendly:

Cryptocurrency provides a network between the users, which enables them to send e-currency from one device to other, anytime at any place in the globe without any limitation.

3. Safe:

Every cryptocurrency transaction is confirmed and protected by first-rate encryption. The cyber codes used in these transactions are encrypted as per industry standards. Besides secured encryption, cryptocurrency offers highly developed security attributes like two-part authentication, safe user-side encryption, etc.

4. Nominal Cost

Unlike usual financial services, Bitcoin system offers cost-free money transactions throughout the world, except a voluntary fare to expedite the transfer.

How does cryptocurrency work?

Internet users transfer bits (digital coins) to one another in a network. Digital wallets store and utilize this digital currency. There isn’t any ‘online bank’; instead, Bitcoin works as a distributed ledger that is accessible through Internet. There is also an option for users to trade their digital ledger by selling their Bitcoins to some other user. Any user can do this anywhere in the world.

MLM Software in Network Marketing Business

MLM Software is extremely significant for any network marketing company as all its business is controlled using MLM Software. Currently, network marketing business has global reach and to control such complex business where every transaction is crucial, you need MLM Software. It is impossible to control network marketing business through any traditional business software anymore.
For a networking marketing company, it becomes imperative to have a good MLM Software in place. It is necessary to select the best MLM software that can fulfil your expectation, propose you the best technological strategy, and safeguard your company with scientific barriers.
In fact, professional software company like DNB can be the reason for the success of any MLM business. Network marketing business has an extensive reach and most of the users or members are linked to the company simply though software and website, it being the single place of contact and has to be safe and perfect.

Why we need Bitcoin integrated MLM software?

Bitcoin presents an unparalleled facility of making decentralized monetary transactions. It is simply an expedient medium for the transaction among users. The online payment mechanism has transformed the MLM industry. It modifies the features of MLM business from a traditional trading centre to the contemporary e-commerce relevant network, and it considerably reduces the complication of financial issues in an MLM company.MLM business. Therefore, DNB has designed their MLM software to integrate it with one of the most technologically developed payment mechanism of all times, Bitcoin. Mentioned below are some advantages of Bitcoin integration with MLM software:
Considering these aspects, MLM software supported with highly developed online payment mechanisms is essential for

Quick transactions:

As stated earlier, Bitcoins can be transferred over the Internet instantly.

Nominal or no charges:

Bitcoin can be used free of cost or occasionally for an extremely low fee. Without the intermediaries like the banks and financial institutions that require authorizations and fees, Bitcoin transaction do not charge any fee and thus improves profit margins.

Eliminate the risk of fraud:

Since only the owner of bitcoin can make payments to the desired recipient thereby eliminating the risk of fraud significantly. It is an extremely crucial aspect of using Bitcoin, especially for online traders and network dealers.

Safety of data:

 It is a fact that internet is definitely not a safe place for confidential data, but with Bitcoin, people need not share their personal information. In this way, their private data remains safe.

Handy payment mechanism:

The network traders can utilize Bitcoin exclusively as their payment mechanism. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin is used as a global payment choice around the world.


The network can track and permanently record every monetary transaction that ever takes place in the Bitcoin API block chain.
In order to be able to benefit from cryptocurrency, you need excellent network marketing software. Software is nothing but written instructions and associated certification concerning the operating system of a computer and is normally saved in read/write memory. Likewise,network marketing software is a computer program that is designed to facilitate the growth of your network marketing business. With the development of internet, network dealers are now able to utilize technology for increasing the effectiveness of their MLM business. Effective and alert software can help in:
  • Creating leads
  • Getting in touch with prospects
  • Following up with users
  • Posting training emails

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies, seen as a sign of any industry’s growth curve help create awareness about cryptocurrency to the general public and develop new investment in cryptocurrency. MLM, also referred to as network marketing, pyramid selling or referral marketing, has existed for over a century and continues to find a place in several industries.
Integration of cryptocurrency is important and it can be done remarkably by professional software company like DNB. Even though this technology is openly accessible, but most network dealers do not know how to use it effectively. So,

here are some points to seek while looking for a good MLM software system:

  • Affordable:

The MLM software helps businesses grow should be reasonably priced. If it is costly, only the topmost organizations can use. There is a software demo free of charge that can confirm that the service you choose is really effective. Therefore, you must check the pricing guidelines of any MLM software development company to make sure that you have approved for the details and prices mentioned in the pricing guidelines of that company.
  • Efficient:

The software should be efficient and perform the way you would like it to. If the users are not able to use it easily or utilize its applications for their benefit, then chances of its acceptance by the users are bleak.
  • User-friendly:

It would be of no use if the software is way too complicated. Rather, it should be user-friendly for the typical internet dealer or else there would not be many takers for it.
  • Vast Experience in MLM Software Development:

It is very important that a company has a vast experience in developing MLM software. It is their experience which will help clients to select the best features and programs. Additionally, there will be very less mistakes andpayout computation issues. It is the experience of the company that will enable them to deliver tasks on time.
  • Knowledge about MLM business:

Experience about software development together with good knowledge about different MLM business plans is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled. MLM Software is intended to perform payout or commission calculations. Only if a company has good knowledge about diverse MLM business plans, will they be able to recognizing your business plan easily. Consequently, the company can develop perfect money software for your company.
  • Robust internal development team:

Presence of a robust internal development team will ensure a quick process that will be transparent and efficient. Additionally, whenever there is any mistake or modification required, you can get timely support without spending more.
It should be considered that as MLM Software is an amalgamation of technology, creativity and commerce, the solution one chooses should be the latest. Actually, it is an important aspect to be borne in mind while choosing a software solution for your business.

DNB is emerging as one of the leading MLM software development companies. As it is important to use MLM software to manage network marketing business, similarly it is important to choose a good MLM Software development company who can provide perfect, professional and easy to use MLM Software for network marketing business. Professional Software Company DNB describes itself as Bitcoin centric multi-marketing company. It offers information about the digital currency API in addition to providing a synopsis of the advantages it offers to its members. It presents tangible resources and cryptocurrency API merged into one comprehensive capital building approach. MLM software together with the latest online payment mechanisms today stands as the solution to enhancement of an MLM company.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Lead generation for network marketing

Lead generation is no rocket science! Having a clear plan and executing it with precision is all it takes. Knowing when and where to market your product is the key.
Lead generation is a big challenge for people who are selling products and prospecting sponsors for their business. So, where do you start and how do you get actionable leads? This is an age old question that many marketers have faced.
Here are some things you can do to get good quality leads that can lead to better conversions:

Being clear crystal clear about your target market

It is very important to be crystal clear about the target group that one will be focusing on to sell their products and business plan to. This lets you get an idea of the mediums, and more specifically, the areas that need to be targeted for marketing. This is extremely important as the products that the MLM business will manufacture will appeal only to a certain section of the demography. So, by not speaking to the right people, you  are simply wasting your time. It’s almost like shooting arrows in the dark.
Another advantage that effective planning has is that it lets your co-workers, friends and well wishers know about what our target is. You will be in a great position to receive some actionable leads from all the people who are invested in seeing you successful. This is a sure way to increase sales without spending a penny.

Writing blogs and maintaining personal websites

Like any business, having a personal equity is of utmost importance. By maintaining a good personal brand, you automatically break the ice even before you meet that person. You are able to build a level of trust by sharing your experiences and tips online. You are easily the go-to person for prospective distributors in that MLM industry.
Being the most knowledgeable and trustworthy person, one can easily attract more leads to grow their business. One just needs to post one article per day and they can expect a good number of leads flocking to their site in a few months. Moreover, having a face for your business ensures that your MLM business is not just another faceless entity that is serviced by call centres. Rather, you are one of the few who is making an effort to reach out to the customers.
Take, for instance, the case of Hubpages, a blogging platform that gets a lot of internet traffic on a daily basis. This is very similar to guest blogging, but the eyeballs that you get are a lot more. By writing engaging unique content one can easily build a big, loyal fan base that is hooked to every word written by you.
Similarly, having Youtube videos to explain certain basic concepts about the functioning of MLM businesses helps soften the skepticism of certain sponsors. By making yourself available to the population in general, you are welcoming a lot of leads for your work.

Online – social media

Using social media for an online advertisement campaign is the best investment for getting more leads. The way the internet functions today is that you do anything online, and Google, Facebook have those specific advertisements related to your online behaviour ready for you, whenever you access their sites. If a person has searched for successful MLM companies or businesses on Google or Facebook, these social media companies place an advertisement of your MLM company on the next web page that this person visits. The exact ad placements will depend on your plan and advertising budget, but this method ensures that your advertisements are shown only to the interested people. This gives you a higher return on investment as compared to other advertising mediums like TV, radio, or print, where the audience composition is based mostly on the channel’s claims.

Trade fairs, meetups & networking events

Trade fairs and events are regular places for like-minded people to meet, interact, exchange ideas and phone numbers. These are networking events to ensure that people interested in a particular line of business are able to connect with such businessmen. The good thing is that you are able to connect with prospective investors and distributors. Having a clearly defined target market lets you pick these events easily and scoop up interested distributors and sponsors easily.
By visiting or sponsoring networking events, your business usually gets good visibility in front of people who are looking to invest their time and money in an MLM business. This is like having your best foot forward to make a goal! Having your products there lets individuals try your products and understand if selling them is something within their reach. And if that’s a yes, you can easily prospect and convert them!
Networking events also let you connect with vendors who can assist you in the daily operations of your MLM business. These events help you in not just growing your MLM business, but also making it’s functioning smoother.
One very important vendor who influences the day to day running of your business is the MLM software provider. Having a good MLM software ensures that you get all the MIS (management information systems) reports in a jiffy without having the need to depend on your company accountants and finance team. DNB MLM Software is one such software provider that specializes in designing software specifically for the MLM sector. Apart from providing the usual software solutions like inventory management, OTP facilities for payments, SMS blasters for instant network communication, excel MIS reports, etc, their major differentiating factor is their ability to customize softwares and solutions as per the unique requirements of a business. This gives the MLM business the ability to see their data in the structure and format that they want to. With the allocation of a dedicated team for all your software requirements, any software issue gets resolved immediately. This also gives you the freedom to modify the software in case your business model gets upgraded.


Generating leads is not as difficult as people think it is, but working towards something without a plan is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Smartly planning your move and executing it with precision is sure to work in this regard and give you a edge over others.

Monday, 28 November 2016

How to select the best mlm software development company

MLM Software is the back bone of any networking marketing company. This is why it is very important to select the best MLM software development company for your direct selling project. With hundreds of software development companies out there is it not very difficult to find one who can develop your website and MLM Software but the challange is which is that ONE company who you can trust, who can meet your expectation, who can suggest you the best technical approach, who can safeguard your business with technical barriers and much more.
In simple terms, MLM Software development company is the key deferential and reason for the success of any MLM business. Network marketingbusiness has wide reach and most of the members or users or customers are connected with company only though website and software, it is single point of contact and it has to be perfect and safe.
With years of experience and wide research on this subject, we have observed that 90% of the MLM Companies have failed to find the right MLM software development company. It is mainly because they do not have much technical knowledge or they took it very light. Before we speak of how to select the best MLM software company we should find of the importance of MLM Software for network marketing business.

MLM Software plays very important role for any network marketing company because all their business is managed using MLM Software. Today network marketing business has become very complex and it reaches globally. To manage such business where every transaction is very important you would need MLM Software, it is not possible to manage network marketing business using pen and paper or any tradition business software.


Now that we know MLM software is the only option to manage network marketing business, we have also understood the importance of selecting the best MLM Software development company who can provide perfect, professional and easy to use MLM Software for network marketing business. Using below guideline, one can select the best MLM Software development company

1 - Experience in MLM Software Development : It is very important that software development company that you select should have very good and vast experience in developing MLM software. Most of the time, it is their experience which helps client to choose the most used features and modules. Also, if software development company has very good experience there will be very less errors and payout calculation problems. Also, experience will allow them to deliver project on time. You may find many companies with multiple decades of experience in software development but you need to check exactly how many years of experience they have in MLM Software or how many MLM Softwares they have developer. If possible ask them to at least give 5 live website details which are running or live from last 3 to 5 years. This is very IMPORTANT.

2 - Knowledge about MLM business plans : Along with experience in MLM Software development, company should also have good knowledge about various MLM business plans. The main component of MLM Software is commission calculation or payout calculations, if company is having very good knowledge about various mlm business plans, they will be able to understand your business plan very easily. This will allow them to develop perfect MLM software for your company.

3 - Strong in-house development team : With experience and knowledge it is also very important they they have strong in-house development team, this will make process very easy, quick and transparent. If company is doing out sourcing or getting work from freelancer, then their quality will not be good and work will take more time and budget. Also, in future whenever there is any error or change, it will cost more and you may not get timely support. Companies who have in-house development team can give very short turn around time and they provide very good support. There are many companies who will price their software very less because they out source to other company or they give it to freelancers but in this there is no guarantee of quality.
4 - Pricing policy : Before you finalize with any MLM Software development company, you need to very sure about what you have agreed for prices and details about the pricing policy of that company. Most of the software development companies have got into the practice where they show very small cost or price at the beginning but once your project is live, they charge very heavily for support, changes. Also, some times they will create errors and ask more money to solve that errors. Most important is the source code, you have to be sure whether they will handover source code and database to you or they will charge it extra. 

  • Who will show very low price but after taking advance they will not reply your calls or emails
  • Who will take very small price but once your project is live they will start black mailing to get more money from you.
  • Who will sell ready made software and it may not have required features that you need for your business.
  • Who will hack your software to make more money.
  • Who will steal your member data and sell it in market.
  • Who will ask for moving project to dedicated server after few month from LIVE.
  • Who will put limitation on number of registration
  • Who are not ready to sign agreement for mlm software development
  • Who is asking to make payment in personal account

  • Make sure you take at-least 3 client references and cross check with the though phone or email about the services and support provided by software development company.

  • Make sure you purchase domain and keep it with you, never give domain to software development company. In future of you decide to change software provider, they will charge more or they may deny to give domain to you.
  • Make sure you have written agreement signed by software company where detail of features, prices, cost for changes and cost for source code is included.
  • Make sure you take at-least 3
  • If you are paying for source code then make sure that you get source code, software manual, database design with structure. Also, if you are paying for souce code the host it in your own hosting account.

Disclaimer: This article is posted for general awareness and guidelines for clients who are willing to purchase MLM software or searching for MLM Software development companies. We have no intention to harm any company or we do not want to showcase negative picture about any company.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Affordable MLM Software developer in India

DNB MLM is powerful MLM software development company that helps you to create stunning website design with user friendly MLM Software System for your network marketing business. A ready made affordable MLM System for your online networking business, support for multiple payment gateways, business promotional tools, Multiple compensation plans, other advance features to make your MLM business smooth and successful.

We are expert in MLM script development and our highly experienced designers and software developers make use of the latest technology, API, Plug-ins, Tools and Ideas to make your MLM System secure, safe, fast and advance.

We are promised to do our best and offer our clients the most advance MLM scripts. Our company has got a team of highly skilled software application developers, designers and SEO

Our affordable MLM Software makes your life easy and saves money which you can use for purchasing products or marketing your MLM business. Our MLM Software works for any plan that you need.

Now in its 10th year of business and having helped over 1000 clients worldwide in multiple languages, DNB also has a proven Network Marketing Promotional package that will help MLM Clients to promote their business globally in very short time.

Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Powerline, or any compensation or any commission calculations you may need,


We will have an MLM System up for you to start working with within 48 business hours of your Deposit being Received.

Attractive Price - We offer MLM Software in most attractive prices than any other software company because we have vast experience and there are many modules that we can re-use to reduce the cost. competitors. Also, with DNB there is no hidden cost while it assures quality.

Faster delivery – We can make your mlm project live within 5 working days with customization, website, SMS pack, server for hosting etc.

Supportive Feature - Our MLM Script has user friendly admin panel to manage the website and software. Also we provide various business and promotional tools such as Invite Friends, Landing page, Replicated Website, Banners etc.

Professional Support - We provide Reliable, Professional support. Support through mediums like email, live chat, FAQ to successfully run the MLM Website.


  1. Multi-Lingual
  2. Content Management System (CMS)
  3. Members Self Replicated Websitea
  4. Members Private Back Office
  5. Automated FAQ Help Desk Support System
  6. MLM Genealogy Report and Real Time Graphical Downline Viewers
  7. Multiple Commission Calculations which can be combination of any commission plan type, Binary, Matrix, Stairstep Breakaway, Unilievel and Crowd Funding.
  8. Advanced MLM Personal Account System
  9. Gift Certificates
  10. Inter-Member Transfers
  11. Autoship Engine
  12. Multilingual Translation Module
  13. Auto Prospecting / Email Marketing Tools
  14. Social Networking Friends and Newsreel functions
  15. Inter Member In System Email
  16. Quick MLM site Setup
  17. Unlimited Products and Categories
  18. Marketing tools including banners , videos , PDF and more
  19. Search Engine Friendly
  20. Extensive Payment Options
  21. Best in class support

Key Features

Epin, Ewallet, Shopping Cart, Auto Backup, Multiple Payment Gateway, E-currencies Support, Multi-language